The Legend of La Mort de Dame (Lady Death)

Name: la mort de dame (lady death)

Came to New Orleans  around  1720
Lady Death was a native to the village wydah in west Africa and was devastated by the invasion of her village . The rumor is some how she snuck onto one of the slave ships and hid In a very small storage compartment.  starved and angry, she was hell from the first day the ship arrived in New Orleans  killing 3 crew members and vanishing into the darkness.
Lady Death practiced a heavy satanic ritual of voodoo and Wicca involving voodoo dolls and human sacrifice.
In hiding, La Mort de Dame practiced her voodoo somewhere deep within the French quarters of New Orleans.  Hiding in the dark alleys of the quarters, she began kidnapping her victims and  performing satanic rituals to possess and kill , men women and children and make them pay for what was done to her village.
her remains were never found but authority’s believe she may have passed around 1770 because the dissapperings and murders ceased, but in 1814 a women was found on Madison in the French quarters in the middle of the street with bloody clothes with white ritual paint on her face with a satanic symbol on her forehead and the murders continued again until 1864 then it stopped.
In 1914 they started again, and the last murder was reported October 1964.
Legend says every 50 years La Mort de Dame comes back to cause pain and death within the French Quarters of New Orleans.
There have been 962 unsolved murders that have been linked to Lady Death’s ritual murders, and continues to grow.

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