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New Orleans Missing:

La Mort de Dame

Three friends traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to investigate a string of unsolved murders that occur in the French Quarters every 50 years. 

They have been missing since 2013.

three friends, one night, no clues. 

If you find any clues or have any information on the whereabouts of these people please contact us at (504) 579-8694.

Have you seen these 3 men?

There are no clues following the disappearance of 3 seeking truth  in the murders  of…

La Mort de Dame (Lady Death)

Legend says that the murders are directly connected to the folklore “La Mort de Dame” (Lady Death). La Mort de Dame was a voodoo priest who escaped slavery in the 1700’s by way of murder and the dark practice of voodoo. It seems from the
footage that the three friends were in search to debunk the urban legend. 

No one has seen the group since 2013.
One year ago a journalist by the name Amy Washington found a gym bag at a county auction. Inside that bag was an NOPD evidence disk and a plastic bag containing a voodoo doll.

What she found on that disk was hard to believe.

Help Us Solve This Case...

Last seen in 2013, the disappearance of these 3 men remain unsolved. Should you have any tips or clues in helping us solve this mystery please contact Amy Washington at (504) 579-8694.

Chris Bowers

Height: 6’2

Eyes: Green

Weight: 275

Hair: Brown

Age: 31

Tony alexander

Height: 5’9

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 165

Hair: Brown

Age: 35

Greg Eaton (Puma)

Height: 5’6

Eyes: Black


Hair: Black

Age: 31

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